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Francesco Cirillo, the Best Selling Author of The

Promodoro Technique will be join forces with Project Management Talent soon!

Francesco Cirillo HeadshotFrancesco is the author of the best selling time management book “The Pomodoro Technique”.  In the 1990s, he became known as an expert mentor of Object-Oriented Software Engineering and established his reputation as one of the pioneers of XP and Agile Methods. Over the years, Francesco has successfully trained and mentored hundreds of managers and developers throughout Europe on issues of productivity and the evolution of software. Francesco is currently working on three new books, “The Waaaaaah! Decision Making Model – How to take effective decisions when faced with uncertainty”, “Recombining Relational Production ” – a groundbreaking product management approach -, and “Managing Software Development with RRP – Let your Software help you reduce the cost of change”, a book which explores an innovative approach to software development.

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